Cite this for me

Sometimes we fail to follow our teachers’ instructions and end up getting a low score. We would rather pay more for a quality piece than get a poor grade. Before submitting any essay papers, whether high- or lower-class project, us student understands the importance of citing sources used. If they are not cited properly, then there is a likelihood of cheating. It sucks to lose marks because of copyright infringement issues. But here are some tricks for referencing articles and documents using images without quotes.

Tagline the origin of the quote

Enough time has passed, and I have been cite4me org writing essays for a long while. Still don’t know how to start with my words? Remember, it’s always tough to gain momentum and points. The best way to beat the enemy is by starting with a hook. A good presentation will make the reader relax a bit and allow them to read through the whole document. The rest of the paper will be a sequence of facts, examples, and analyses backing everything with solid evidence.

Use relevant source material

There are numerous studies to justify the relevance of the article. Most of the citations will use recent and credible materials. However, it doesn’t mean that the authors of such works ignored it. The reference could be from textbooks, blog posts, class notes, and other resources. Avoid wasting enough times on irrelevant headings and titles. Instead, try to understand the subject area and thought-process to pick a reliable opinion. Then cite the text.

Credit each paragraph.

Once done, summarize the idea by highlighting one sentence. The next step is to give credit to the author(s) and note the page number.

Pass in context

Last but not least, keep the original message in mind. Please avoid going back to the topic since the introduction will be a starter. What do the ideas talk About? Why? Is itnecessary? When referring to the thesis statement, state it clearly and concisely.

Choose related topics.

If possible, choose subjects that can relate to the themes. For instance, it’s easier to discuss a difficult issue in a simple manner. This is also closer to the objective of the study. Passage relating to a theme that is easy to find the logical flow.

Work in correlation with literature.

Continuously utilize published work to support the arguments. Even if the task is based on someone’s publications, all references should be in chronological order. In case it’s not mentioned earlier, include it in the bibliography.